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The Summit Midwest Drags is a street/strip drag racing event which all vehicles and drivers must comply with NHRA and/or IHRA rules. In-between each event, all competition vehicles are required to move under own power.  They are not permitted be trailered, pushed or pulled, flown or floated between tracks.


  • • Vehicle and driver must comply with NHRA and/or IHRA certifications.
  • • Competition vehicles are required to move under own power.  They are not permitted be trailered, pushed or pulled, flown or floated between tracks.
  • • Competition vehicle must drive the provided route with required photo stops.  If you have to exit the route, you must re-enter the same exit.
  • • Drivers and riders will hold comply with liability wavers, 1099, and photo release at time of registration.
  • • Drivers between 16 and 18 must be accompanied by birth or custodial parent or guardian for the duration of competition.
  • • Competition vehicles may pull one (1) single axle trailer of any size.  Trailer may NOT have been factory constructed with brakes.
  • • Both participants (green wristbands) may switch street and/or strip driving duties at anytime
  • • Registrations are non-refundable or transferable. If you’re unable to attend, you’ll be issued a credit in full to use at next years event.
  • • Only Green wristbands are allowed to service / touch or ride in a competition vehicle.  (NO RED WRISTBANDS)
  • • Only Red wristbands are allowed to drive or touch transports from track to track.  NO contents from within or on transporter my be given to any green  wristband or competition vehicle.  Truck & Trailer are NOT support vehicles.  Truck & Trailer will follow and interstate route that is different than competition vehicles.  (NO GREEN WRISTBANDS)
  • • At any time and for any reason, race staff may as you to park in “preferred parking” so we may watch and learn how your prepare your car.
  • • Two time slips must be turned in per track for a total of six (6).  Average MPH and E.T. will be divided by six.
  • • Class average lowest E.T. wins $1,000.00
  • • Class average of fastest MPH wins $500.  Get it right (both E.T. and MPH) and you could win your class pot of $1,500.
  • • All payments are final, and are processed in the United States.
  • • For up-to-day announcements, follow us on Facebook/DragsMidwest or Twitter @DragsMidwest #MidwestDrags


* All vehicles registered and insured. All hard tire treads will line up out of the grove.

1)  Manual Shift H, Leg released and Clutch Assisted – Four or Five Speed OEM H, non-modified T56 pattern, non-aftermarket gear box except AutoGear SuperCase or Syracuse allowed. Factory VIN car, any motor or chassis combos.

2)  Manual Shift Unlimited, Leg released leave.  GForce/ Lenco/ Jerico/ Liberty/ RolTech/ Top Loader/ – Unlimited and/or clutchless shifting.

– Diesels are not required to run diesel classes.  We encourage Diesel vs. Gas.

3)  Street Diesel  – Stock style suspension (no back-half, no tube chassis, no coil over conversions) on DOT approved street tire including drag radial (no slicks).  Must have lights, cooling system, charging system and horn.  No fiberglass body or lexan other than back window for trucks with cages.

4) Unlimited Diesel – Cooling and charging system.

5)  Unlimited – Methanol with dzus front clips… this is you. Registered and insured it, legal to be driven in the lower 48 states and it has four wheels and tires (one per corner)  we want to see it.  We love Canada too!

6)  Super Street Hard Tire 2WD – non-slicks or drag radial traditional traded hard tire.  Factory rear suspension.  (Adam will line you up out of the grove.)

7)  Super Street No Forced Induction  – Carb or Injection only.  Factory “mounted / bolt location” suspension or Ladder bar okay.  (no Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous).  Ideal for automatics, manual trans look at #1 or #2.

8)  Super Street 275 Radial / Slick – 275 or equivalent size.  No rear sub-frame or chassis cars.   No Ladder bar or 4-link must retain FACTORY frame rails or sub-frame allowed.

9)  Super Street 295 / 315 Radial or Slick – 295 / 315 or equivalent size.  No rear sub-frame or chassis cars.   Yes to Ladder bar, 4-link must retain FACTORY frame rails or sub-frame allowed.

10)  Gassers – Straight axle, leaf spring only.  NO other front end suspensions. Carbureted or Blower

11) Daily Driver  – Factory suspension location mounting, no rear suspension bolt-ons.  any tire to fit in all factory steel – factory wheel wells, no cage or roll bar, 11.5 index.  Must have any hood.

12) Modern Muscle CMC – 2010 or newer production VIN (any body style)… Camaro, Mustang, Challengers, Audi… etc. Steel except hood and deck, corvettes welcome.  Tire max, 315 radial or 29 slicks.


  • • Touching the car and/or attempting to hold the car anytime during or after the burnout.  You are not stronger than your buddies 1,500 HP car.
  • • Green wristbands touching a truck or trailer.  Truck and trailer are NOT support vehicles.
  • • Red wristbands, such as truck and trailer drivers or anyone other than green wristbands touching your competition vehicle.
  • • Under the influence of drugs (legal or otherwise) and/or alcohol while operating competition vehicle to include public street driving.
  • • No vehicle rentals.  Vehicle must be owned by one or both participants.
  • • Participants are NOT permitted to leave the team during competition. No substitute team mates, car or crew after drivers meeting.
  • • Competition vehicle being worked on by anyone whom doesn’t have a green wristband.
  • The use of two (2) or more expletives in a single sentence. (you know who you are.)